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Implementation Strategy

The Genesis 1 System is based on four simple principles:

  • Systematically identify problems

  • Solve problems in a structured manner

  • Effectively implement the solution

  • Insure that the problem stays fixed

To create and implement an effective Lean / Continuous Improvement System, management must answer the following questions:

How will problems be identified?

  • Problems must be identified in a planned, structured manner

When will problems be identified?

  • A proactive problem identification system requires that problems be sought out in a structured, planned manner -- it is not sufficient to just wait for problems to arise

Who will review and prioritize the list of problems?

  • Executive level personnel must be involved in selecting problems to be solved

Who will be on project teams?

  • High impact project teams must be created to solve the chosen problems

How will projects be tracked?

  • There must be tools for management to track project team activity

Who will develop training material?

  • Employees must be trained on exactly how the system will work if:

    • You are going to get their buy in

    • They are to be expected to participate effectively

How will training be conducted and by whom?