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A compelling number of Genesis 1 customers and contacts urged us to develop an effective, easy to use, economical Gage Calibration Software system. As a result our Software Engineers researched the real needs of the people who use Gage Calibration Software and applied their findings in developing the Genesis 1 Technology, Ltd. XTS 2500 Gage Calibration Software.

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When you open the Genesis 1 Gage Calibration Software the first screen that appears is a simple, easy to use list of gages scheduled for calibration. It isn’t cluttered with junk you don’t need, it simply identifies the gages due for calibration and displays their due dates. For your convenience you can print the list.

Screen Shot #2

Each gage entered into the Genesis 1 Gage Calibration Software has its own “History Field.” As you document your calibration notes in the “Notes Field” the information is automatically archived in the gage “History Field.”

Unlike most other Gage Calibration Software packages, that charge extra for calibration procedures, the Genesis 1 Gage Calibration Software includes documented calibration procedures for most standard gages. If you want to, you can edit these procedures or you can develop completely new ones, for special gages.