ITAR Consulting

On-Site ITAR Registration and Compliance Consulting

We are Different

  • We completely understand the manufacturing environment because we have over 35 years of manufacturing and operations experience.

  • We are also Lawyers who can decode the legal requirements of the ITAR Statute for you.

  • We effectively combine both experiences to better serve your personalized needs.

  • Benefits:

    • We dispel the rumors,

    • We melt away the mystery,

    • We remove your anxiety,

    • We use Proven Tools in the creation of your system,

    • We are experts at embedding ITAR into any ISO 9000 based QMS that you already have,

    • We will show you where your QMS already contains much of what you need to be ITAR compliant,

    • We teach you what you need to know,

    • Your system will come together faster and easier than you ever imagined,

    • Our Prices are Affordable.