Genesis 1 is expert at ITAR Compliance Consulting and integrating an ITAR Compliance System into your company’s overall quality management system. ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations) is a federal statute (22CFR, parts 120-130). ITAR registration is how the US government knows who you are, where you are and what you do.

There is no certification for ITAR, rather the registration process involves filling out the proper registration forms with the US government, paying a fee, and then receiving a registration number.

But ITAR registration is not enough. It is crucial to have an ITAR Compliance System in place that protects you if the federal government challenges your system. They need to see a system of compliance, and if that system is not in place, your company can be subject to fines. An effective ITAR Compliance System protects you against government liability.

An ITAR Compliance System is all about protecting your company. If you don’t have a system in place in conjunction with your ITAR registration you are not protected. 

Don’t take that risk.

Genesis 1 is expert at creating and embedding an ITAR Compliance System in with your overall quality management system. We will help to get you ITAR compliant so you can protect your company from government liability.